Clever Concepts, makers of the Halve Your Bagel slicer.

Have you ever been working in your kitchen or deli cutting a bagel by hand or with one of those inferior bagel slicers that hasn’t performed as advertised? Maybe you were wondering why someone has not invented a versatile, no nonsense and easy to use bagel slicer/holder? Well, this is the kind of thinking that prompted Steve Thompson to create Clever Concepts.

Clever Concepts has designed and manufactures a NEW, SUPER PRO-SAFE bagel slicer/holder that is highly versatile and convenient to use. It works so well it belongs in every homemaker’s kitchen and Professional Deli. Our bagel slicer’s trade name is “Halve Your Bagel”.

Clever Concepts is based on Steve Thompson’s vision of developing clever and safe new products for the kitchen and Deli. Having spent over 30 years manufacturing bagel machines, setting up bagel shops and teaching bagel making, he foresaw the need for the ultimate safe, versatile and elegant product for slicing bagels, English Muffins, buns, rolls and more. While many slicers of different designs have been available, Steve spent his time perfecting the HALVE YOUR BAGEL slicer.

Steve was inspired after reading countless articles published during the bagel boom, about serious injuries and emergency room visits by people cutting their hands instead of their bagels. One such article quoted Mark Smith, head of George Washington’s Department of Emergency Medicine with regards to injuries sustained while slicing a bagel, “The great unreported injury of our times. I wish I had statistics, but I can say it’s unbelievable how many there are.”

Steve could not believe that with all the bagel slicers already on the market that there could be so many injuries. He began investigating every unit he could find. He bought and tried every different type he found and evaluated all of them. Steve found some had good points, while others were outright dangerous. With all his years of experience he went to work developing his ideas based on what people in the industry told him they wanted in the ultimate non-powered bagel slicer. Thus was born his unique and multi-patented Pro-Safe Bagel Slicer/Holder.

Before being introduced to the general public, HALVE YOUR BAGEL went through rigorous testing in bagel shops throughout Los Angeles. Here is what Patrick Montgomery of Western Bagel Corp. had to say: “The best I have ever used since being a bagel baker and store manager for over 28 years. It has no equal in durability, safety and ease of use.”

We at Clever Concepts look forward to providing additional kitchen, Deli and household items so you will be saying “Wow, somebody finally made or improved one of these.”