The story behind Halve Your Bagel.

Halve Your Bagel is brought to you by a family with 150+ years of bagel baking experience, they also invented the first bagel forming machine. We’ve seen countless accidents involving slicing bagels and other hand held baked goods, some so severe they’ve caused permanent hand injuries. Protect your hands, loved ones, employees and your business. Make Halve Your Bagel part of your safety protocol!

The Thompson Family



HALVE YOUR BAGEL has been professionally tested for 20+ years in bakeries , cafes and delicatessens. Our product has been proven to lowers workers compensation and speed up business production.

  • Super safe when used as directed.
  • Simple, easy and quick to use.
  • Bagel loads easily with its unique hinged sides.
  • 3M non-skid feet in its base for extra safety when slicing.
  • Easy to clean – dishwasher safe, top-rack.
  • Awarded multiple patents and manufactured in the USA.
  • Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.*