How to Use Halve Your Bagel

Halve Your Bagel will hold cold or warm bagels with any kind of toppings for ease of slicing. Just remember to follow the simple instructions and keep on safely slicing.

Read These Safety Instructions Before Using Halve Your Bagel®

  • Use a serrated bread or carving knife with a blade length 8″ or longer.
  • Keep hands and fingers away from cutting and hinged areas.
  • Always place unit on table or counter top – DO NOT OPERATE WHILE HOLDING IN HANDS.
  • After inserting the bagel and knife, always place fingers and thumb on the “HOLD HERE” raised letters located between the arrows on the top outside of each half of the slicer before slicing.
  • In the event your Halve Your Bagel becomes broken for any reason, do not attempt to use it, as it may not be safe.

NOTE: Bagels come in many different sizes. Halve Your Bagel was designed to hold most of them for slicing. Halve Your Bagel’s uniquely designed hinged sides open wide for larger bagels and close together against two upper stops for most other bagels, including most cocktail sized mini bagels.

When closed against the two stops, a 1/8″ wide slot is formed to guide the knife down the center of the bagel being sliced. When slicing a very large bagel the sides will not close against the stops, but against the bagel. This is how the unit was designed. To slice the larger bagels, place the knife blade on the top center of the bagel and slice as in fig. 3.

1. Open sides wide enough to insert bagel.


2. Place knife blade (sharp side down) between sides on top of bagel.


3. Place your fingers and thumb on the “HOLD HERE” raised letters located between the arrows on the top outside of each side of the slicer. Squeeze sides together until you feel a slight pressure on larger bagels and close against the two stops for all other smaller bagels. Slice the bagel using a sawing motion as you would when slicing bread.



                                           NOTE:  Applying too much pressure while slicing a larger bagel will cause the knife to bind while cutting the bagel.


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Important: Do not use any abrasives or abrasive pads to clean Halve Your Bagel, as they will scratch the surface, detracting from the beauty of your unit. With it’s sanitary design, Halve Your Bagel can be placed in the TOP RACK ONLY of your dishwasher or can be washed in warm soapy water with a sponge of soft dish rag, rinsed, and turned upside down or sideways for air drying.